Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is with daz loader for windows 8?

I love the wording of this search that found this blog from a visitor in Dravograd, Slovenia.

Perhaps it is that the Daz loader (for Windows Vista and Windows 7) does not work for Windows 8. Why should it? Windows 8 uses a different activation to XP, Vista and 7. The Daz loader also does not work for Windows XP.

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alkimst said...

Dear Sir,

I happened onto your site by pure happenstance and found it to be.... most interesting. Interesting enough to send me off on a tangent. I found your writing to be the most coherent and straightforward of anything I have ever seen on the internet. I must confess, I am quite curious as to what is in the password protected area. I do not have a specific request for assistance at this time but may have in the future, in which case, I shall contact you again. Please make note that I do not look at my email every day and if you should happen to email me, now, or in the future, and I do not respond immediately, it is not because I am an ingrate.

In closing, I wish you a good day.