Friday, October 12, 2012

I can understand the frustration with Windows 8 Activation

The fact that there is so much interest in finding ways to steal an operating system that has not even been released to the general public.

My posts are designed to gauge that interest not to suggest that this is to be done or that there are ways that it can be done.

I am not sure what the comment that (someone made on this blog that)  I didn't read "the article". If it was the ZDNet article I can assure you that I did. If it was the MyDigitalLife threads I must admit that I may have missed some of that. My point was that the activation method for Windows 8 has changed and that is going those that stole Windows 7 using the Daz Loader to look for new ways.

I will be very interested to see what the reaction is when Windows 8 finally hits the stores and there are those that are uploading torrent downloads of the the DVD image. So far the RTM version has been released and while it is possible that there are copies of this available for download I think that this is only a minor occurrence.

I am more interested in seeing how Windows 8 is reviewed by the consumer than suggesting ways to be able to bootleg it. At the moment I remain skeptical, but, we shall see.

The release of Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 RT on the 26th should prove to be a landmark.

I see that this frustration is similar to those looking for ways to unlock their Insyde H2O BIOS to reveal hidden start-up menu options. The fact that there are sites on the internet that claim that this can be done, does not stop those searching for instructions on how-to do so. If you read and understand what I have written then you can save yourself some time and effort trying to do the impossible. Or, at least, the very difficult.

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