Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting a private real estate listing in the Google index

I have an observation about an attempt in getting a page to be found by a Google search.

I have noted in the past how it is almost impossible to get a real estate listing to show up in a Google search. At the time I thought it was mainly due to the proliferation of real estate sites and commonality of the search terms that are used on such sites. For example, it is more than likely that a real estate company has sold a property on your street and the number of your house is going to turn up all over the Web.

It seems that this is even more sinister. I made a page that has an address for a property that I know has not been offered by any real estate company. I know that the page has been spidered as I have seen GoogleBot access it in my server logs. However, the page is not in the Goggle index even if specific search terms are searched for, ones that I know that are unique to my page.

There must be a process that excludes the page from the Google index. It is something that over-rides the uniqueness of the page content.

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