Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is Windows 8 an "Upgrade"?

The supporters of Microsoft are saying that Windows  is a worthwhile upgrade for those currently using XP or Windows 7. I take issue with that and would suggest that it is just hype to get you to purchase "new product".

I would agree that it is probably an upgrade from XP as it is basically Windows 7 with a new coat. However, are there any performance benefits in upgrading from 7?

I was reading 8 reasons to Upgrade on Marc Saltzman's website (curiously not accessible when I started writing this), I will take his points one by one.

1. It is cheap.

2. It is the safest Windows yet - MS have always said this. All they seem to have done is to build in their own Anti-Malware program that was available for free for Windows 7 and called it Windows Defender.

3. Live Tiles are seen to be something that you would want. This could be a USP for the "Touch Interface" and make the Home screen different from that of the iPad. They tried this before with "Gadgets" on Vista and 7 but users where unimpressed then.

4. Massive Storage - well, "the Cloud" and "Drive" are available for Windows 7 so I don't see this as a reason to upgrade.

5. Easy to customize - we have to see what the critics say about this one

6. Okay, okay ...... this post was in draft for too long. I lost interest in the subject.

The points above are not in the order that Marc had them and I am not sure if I had them all covered. I think the other points were to do with X-Box integration and other irrelevant things.

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