Friday, November 9, 2012

Where is Windows 8?

Having been in Tokyo during the launch of Windows 7 and in Hong Kong for Windows 8 their has been a marked difference in what was seen in the stores.

For Windows 7 there were posters all over Akihabara and other stores in Japan and around the world, but with 8, no such promotion.

Even if you look at the pages of Best Buy they only have a single Windows 8 RT device for sale. Where is the Surface RT?

Microsoft said that they were going to release the Surface with Windows Pro until next month so that is no surprise, but I thought that they would have had at least some demo models of the RT for prospective purchasers of the device to play with. Perhaps there is a reason that this is not the case? I have also failed to see any critical reviews of the Surface - this could be that I am on vacation and have not been following the tech-press to the same degree.

Another observation for Hong Kong, there is a noticeable presence of the Apple iPhone 5, both in the stores and on the streets. Well over 50% of subway users can be seen with their noses pinned to their smartphones, I have yet to see a single poster for Windows 8.

On the cellular front maybe the rest of the world needs to take the lead from Hong Kong's MTR and extend their w/l networks to their complete systems, underground and all!

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