Monday, November 19, 2012

Usage of a tablet

Having owned a number of tablets I think it is time to review what I actually use them for.

We own the original iPad and the "New iPad" (iPad 3). I have purchased and returned an Asus Transformer TF101 and a Transformer Prime TF201 (with a keyboard). While I am satisfied that the Android operating system is adequate for tablet use I cannot see a compelling reason to switch from iOS. The ability to play media without conversion is convenient and means that I didn't have to use iTunes to transfer video files to the tablet.

I thought by this time I would have seen a Microsoft Surface so that I could compare the performance and features with what I have used to date. I have yet to see any RT device in a retail store although I understand that BestBuy are carrying the Asus Iconia W510, the Asus Vivo TF600T and the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro (of various models). Only the Vivo is an RT device and I feel that BB do a poor job of explaining the difference between RT and Pro versions of Windows 8.

I see no reason to purchase a Windows 8 tablet, not that I have seen them for sale in retail stores, only online from Microsoft.

There is much debate on whether a tablet can be used for "creative" work. In my mind this is missing the point of the tablet format. Many rationalize the purchase of a tablet in that they can do all they can on a laptop, you can't! If you need the functionality of a laptop then get a laptop, it will be cheaper. A tablet is always going to be a compromise and if you want to type efficiently then you are going to need a keyboard. This is not to day that a tablet cannot be used in this way as we use an iPad with a Logitech keyboard cover quite effectively and have just returned from a 2 week trip having left the laptop at home. However when it comes to transferring media to a tablet a laptop or other full computer is needed.

I also run a program editor and administer a website and I have tried to use a tablet for this and have given up due the fact that there were programs I just couldn't run and I was constantly hunting and pecking around on the touch screen.

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