Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bitcoin - Hashrate Distribution

There has been a relative lull in the interest in Bitcoins on my website ( but today I had a visit for someone looking for "tempus fugit pie chart".

The page that was found related to my research on Bitcoin. It is not known if the visitor was interested in Bitcoin but it was an excuse to review some of my page related to it.

I have posted at length about the philosophy behind  the creation and promotion of the use of alternative currencies but without much feedback from those that may have found my pages. If anything any comment that I have garnered has been related to the egotistical response of those involved in the development and promotion in that they have found that I made reference to their names and they have been looking for themselves on the Internet. - i.e. Googling themselves - Narcisurfing. 

Please feel free to comment here if you have a view on Bitcoins.

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