Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is get_iplayer working correctly or as it did before?

The downloader for BBC iPlayer programmes, get_iplayer, is chronically susceptible to changes made by the BBC in their attempts to "improve" their catch-up service.

Yesterday I observed a search for "get_iplayer works again"

Today I did an experiment and used get_iplayer and mamaged to get an index for Masterchef: The p
Professionals.  I searched for "masterchef:" and I got a result of 3 episodes, 16, 17 and 18. When I do the same search on the BBC iPlayer website I see that there are 12 episodes available to watch.

In its last major failure get_iplayer failed to retrieve any episodes, this was sometime in October 2014. Since that time it is claimed that a "fixed" version of get_iplayer has been made available on the get_iPlayer Lives website. I downloaded the latest version of get_iplayer when the last failure oocured, it still failed to retrieve an index of any programmes. However, you have always been able to download using the PID method.

Since that time, and I have not downloaded the so-called "fixed" version, the get_iplayer script seems to partially work and only retrieves the last few episodes of a series. Still, this is better than none.

It is unclear to me why this is the case and I remain highly skeptical about those that claim to have fixed it. One thing is for sure and the BBC are likely to make more changes in the future.

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