Saturday, December 13, 2014

FoxyProxy GeoIP Circumvention

A search: "foxproxy add-on firefox download"  was logged today.

There has been a long time since I featured the FoxyProxy add-on for Firefox. This was how FoxyProxy started out and it was, as per the name, a technique that was developed for use with the Firefox browser. It allowed the selection of free proxies so that GeoIP circumvention could be performed. This was useful if you wanted to access services such as the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.

Since that time, 2010, FoxyProxy has developed in to a fully-fledged VPN service that can be used with all web browsers including Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The search for foxproxy add-on is presumed to be a search for foxyproxy add-on - which I am pretty sure never existed. I am also making the assumption that there has been a reference to foxproxy in another forum. The visitor finding my site,, did not find my page on what FoxyProxy became and how it looked in 2013. It gave me an opportunity to update my pages.

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