Monday, December 22, 2014

Cyberwarfare threats made using Reddit and Pastebin

The threats (supposedly) made by the North Koreans to Sony were reported to have been posted on Pastebin. What I don't understand is how this relevant to the legitimacy of the threat.

There seems to be a disconnect between reporting by the press and the source of the material that is used to support the claims. While most of the discourse relating to hacking and Cyber-crime-warfare-terrorism seems to take place on Social Media platforms, the "main-stream" media outlets, newspapers and TV, seem to give Internet sites more credibility than they should.

I can't see why we should believe reports that quote things that can be traced back to sites where anybody, with no real authority, can post whatever they like and it is quoted without any question about its validity or whether it could just have been posted by someone who just wanted to make a point.

Whenever I visit such sites such as Reddit or Pastebin, looking for backup on stories that are current, I am greeted by what is largely trivial and nonsensical postings. I am not saying that some of the things that are supposed to have been posted were not there, but they are buried in a "fog" irrelevancy. 

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