Friday, January 6, 2017

Conflict of interest

An extract from the article that Wayne McAlpine thinks shows him in a "good light":

“I think they’re very much in bed with the two distributors,” says Wayne McAlpine, a consultant with the Central Automotive Inspection Records and Standards Services Corp. (CAIRSS). “It’s 100 per cent a conflict of interest.”

The article was about the installation of immobilizers in vehicles in Manitoba. The article was brought to my attention as it mentioned Wayne McAlpine. As it was so long ago I cannot remember if it was Wayne McAlpine who sent me a link to the article in the Winnipeg Free Press or whether I found it searching the Internet for Wayne's name. I was intrigued by the association of Wayne McAlpine and CAIRSS as it confirmed some of my early research in that Wayne McAlpine (plus others that I looked up including Anthony Mannella and Joshua Sham) were involved with CAIRSS.

I did not comment on the article other than Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella were mentioned in the article. I had also researched the operation of CAIRSS. I have pages on my website for all of these people and organisations. I did not make any negative comment on the associations that I found other than there was a denial that either knew each other. I was also contacted by Anthony Mannella asking me to remove the CAIRSS logo from my page. He was claiming a copyright infraction but I now think that it was that I had made the connection between him and Wayne McAlpine.

This all being the case I was then suspicious about the whole issue with the MPI, Manitoba Public Insurance who's immobilizer program was case in point. It seemed logical that the author of the article, Lindor Reynolds of the Winnipeg Free Press, would be the person who could shed more light on all this. As I had been threatened by Wayne McAlpine that unless I removed what I had written about him he would "come after me legally" and this was after he had setup a website in the name of company that he thought I worked and on which had posted links to articles that discredited the area of business he thought I was involved. As such I did so using an alias.

Sadly Lindor Reynolds is no longer with us and I had and have no problems with her or her reporting. Wayne McAlpine has indicated that this communication is an example of my misdeeds. I also contacted Brian Smiley at the MPI using the same alias. As far as I know Wayne McAlpine did not know this as Brian Smiley didn't forward the message to him.

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