Wednesday, January 4, 2017

People that I have harmed????

Wayne McAlpine said:

And all the people if you have harmed now we have the proof who so how does the bully like being bullied now put the pants and shirt on and jacket because it’s going to get f****** cold b****

What is he talking about? and who are "we"?

I'll ignore the profanity as that is just what you expect when you converse with Wayne.

Bullying? - how, is what I did to Wayne McAlpine and "those that I have harmed" constitute bullying? All I did with Wayne McAlpine was to suggest that a product or service that he was offering for sale was suspect. At no time have I made any demand of him that if he did not comply I would do something to harm his reputation. His reputation is of his own making I do not need to augment it.

Is the observation that various people have been associated with Wayne McAlpine harming them? I guess it could be as I would not like to be included in that list.

Is the attempt to contact some of the people associated with Wayne McAlpine harming them? Surely they are able to speak for themselves? Of the few that I have contacted either denied knowing him or just forwarded my communication to him - this is hardly "harming" them!

You also said:
..... like I said; do a retraction and an apology and we can move on.

What can I retract? I have only reported the facts if I retract it is tantamount to saying that I was lying. How can I apologise when I have done nothing wrong?

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