Saturday, January 7, 2017


A quote from Lindor Reynolds article in the Winnipeg Free Press (R.I.P.)

.... the Vehicle Security Installations Bureau, a corporation set up at the request of MPI to provide regulatory services to the immobilizer program. CAIRSS pointed out the bureau’s leadership consisted entirely of individuals involved in the sale and installation of immobilizers

This is just the sort of activity that Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella would be involved in. The sale and installation of automotive products. I am not saying that they are, that could be construed as a "fabrication" (Anthony). I am jut observing that if you look up both the individuals backgrounds you will see that this is just the sort of area in which they have both been involved.

Wayne McAlpine currently seems to be really concerned about one of his previous clients selling "Dangerous Auto parts".

I have yet to hear from Anthony Mannella, the last time I talked to him he was complaining that I posted a graphic of CAIRSS without permission. If you are reading this Andy please make a comment or better still send me an email and we can discuss Wayne McAlpine in more detail.

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