Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ford Breakdown Assistance

I must admit that I am impressed. As part of my annual service at Ford I get 12 months Roadside Assistance included free in the service package. I didn't expect to have to use it as the car is barely 2 years old, but it was  nice insurance.

This morning the car was completely dead, I even had to unlock the doors with a key! I must have left something switched on as the battery was completely dead. So a call to the Ford number was in order.

As we live in the middle of nowhere I was very pleased that the AA service van arrived within 45 minutes. The car was soon started using a "booster pack" and I was able to pick the brain of the AA man about the ins and outs of jump starting. Especially on a car with Start-Stop technology and an Enhanced Flood battery.

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