Thursday, April 6, 2017

About those "Dangerous" Auto Parts

It seems that this is a topic of interest. To claim that a product that is as important as a component that is used in a motor vehicle as being "Dangerous" is a serious matter.

As Wayne McAlpine seems to want to make out, the sale of such parts is a threat to public safety and should be taken seriously. If a complaint is made it should be investigated.  Similarly, if a claim is made and it proves to be untrue, then the person making that claim should be severely reprimanded.

Apart from the waste of time that those who are administering such things, claims such as these are irresponsible and should be stopped. A person who makes such claims is also likely to do so about other things that he/she does not agree with. This extends to making false claims.

I repeat, it is Wayne McAlpine that is making those claims under the guise of (not

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