Saturday, April 15, 2017

The value of Personal Data

There was an interesting programme on BBC World Service last night. The discussion was around that of how much data is collected in the "digital age". How this data is used and who collects is and for what reason.

Of course, there was the "big bad business" or corporate giant argument that it was all about needing the information so that they can make money out of users. There was also the concept that this data was something that could be used to determine the way that we all think, our view on politics and social responsibility. That the data could be used to determine the way that we vote and how we voted. The notion that the use of this data was the reason for the Brexit and Trump votes. It being used to create "fake news" and influence the "popularist" movement.

Push-back by those wanting to protect their personal information and keep their privacy. Awareness being far greater post the Snowden revelations. A large disconnect seemed to exist in that those responsible for legislation not really understanding what the realities are. I posted about this before with Amber Rudd and her "All the Necessary Hashtags".

There also seemed to be a "given" that everyone uses Social Media and this is the primary means by which all this data is collected and used.

Wanting to find out more about this I searched for "What is my personal data worth". Apparently this data is only worth 50p per person. I think that mine is worth far more! This seemed to be determined o the price that marketers would pay for the information on my activities. The FT also published a questionnaire where you could determine what your data is worth. I completed this and I found that my data was worth 63p. It was easy to see what the "movers" were in this determination as I admitted that I was a millionaire but I didn't admit to having any intention to make any large purchases. It was easy to see that this was just a marketing exercise - it was the other uses of this data that really concerned me.

In these days of Cyber Fraud I value my data far more than 63p.

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