Friday, April 14, 2017

All the churches in Suffolk

Wayne McAlpine fails to understand the position of the churches in England. He seems to think that any of them would be interested in someone who lived in Canada for 35 years and allegedly had "disturbing" images on a computer hard drive.

If contacted I am pretty sure that many would not even know what a hard drive is and many of the church-goers don't even use email.

The other irony is that not only is Wayne McAlpine's accusation about me completely false he doesn't even realise that I am an Atheist, i.e. I don't believe in God. The Churches of England would not even care about this and would be more than grateful that I would have an interest in their old buildings. This in contrast to Canada and the US where the attendance of church is by the faithful and in most cases to buildings of no architectural or historical significance. This was another reason that we left Toronto and returned to the UK. In addition to the distinct lack of culture we were unimpressed by the fact that we were living in a "Christian" country. We don't have a religion and are happy to live in a country where this is the norm.

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