Thursday, June 15, 2017

and then there is You Tube

I have posted about my distain for this form of Social Media.

Whereas I have watched few You Tubes and have found some useful information from them. However, in most cases the media is really a nonsense - content is poor and in the most part self-serving. Those that post videos are ding so for their own self promotion and their "3 minutes of fame".

I particularly find that the comments are particularly puerile. Those that make the comments are worse than those that post them (IMO).

I have recently been witness to a series of You Tube videos that ate beyond stupid. These videos are just ramblings from a disgruntled client of a company who was supposed to help their business grow by re-vamping their website. The people, or one person in particular, with the company providing the alleged website upgrade has also participated in the same nonsense of posting such videos.

The posting of a video that purely consists of the camera pointing at a computer monitor and a half coherent commentary hardly make for compulsive viewing. The computer screens are supposedly proof that a fraud and a scam has been perpetrated and all they really are just things that have been found on the Internet. Many of these are from my website and blog. Permission for which was not sort or given for their use, even if they are in the Public Sector.

Am I supposed to care about who is selling whose car (vehicle)? and how is this a matter of Public Safety?

Video Blogging has also found a following and those that are too lazy to type found  that they could achieve the same result by sitting in front of their webcam. An example of this was that of Texas Fred, who took his whole blog down due the abuse that he was getting from his followers. He said that he would close it if Hillary won the US election but continued even when Donald made it to the White House. His form of political rhetoric was particularly amusing as is his use of the word "Lib-tard".

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