Sunday, June 4, 2017

The audacity in calling me a Terrorist!

In light of current events I think that it is rather rich that Wayne McAlpine did this in an email to me and subsequently posting it on one of his stupid websites that he set up in an attempt to discredit me.

The recent terror attacks in Manchester and London are real terror attacks not the simple posting of an opinion about someone's business and ethical practises. This is just what Wayne McAlpine did. It is clear that he has no idea what true terrorism is and he should be called out on that fact. I urge anyone reading this to contact him and tell him that you think that he is despicable and should not accuse those that are clearly not involved in violent acts that they are tarred with the same brush.

Wayne McAlpine tried to liken the use of a pseudonym and making anonymous comment on his and his business associates as an act of terror. I guess this was on the strength that the so-called "victims" did not no for sure who was making the claims about them and there was nothing that they could do defend themselves.

The real nature of  terrorism is that the perpetrators are well known, as with the case of Islamic State. Far from being an unknown threat we are all too aware of the threat that they posed on society today. Far removed from the petty squabbles of a "second-rate" failed business person from Saskatoon, Canada.

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