Thursday, June 29, 2017

EU Lawmakers and Google

The latest fine imposed on Google for misleading the public in their shopping habits is a prime example of why voted to leave. The EU seems to think that we are all stupid in that if we make an Internet search we are not able to disseminate the results. The fact that there may be a bias that favours their own interests is obvious. It does not mean that this is unfair, it is just up to us to make our own determination of what is true and what is the best way to make a purchase (if this was the reason for out search). Google is a private company not a public service, is their any wonder that they may be promoting items where their business model makes money?

The last time that I made a comment on the EU and their stupidity regarding Internet searches was in relation to the "Right to be forgotten" legislation. In which the proposal was that outdated information about individuals would be excluded from search results when some searched for their name. I made a comment that I could not even search for my own name - this did not turn out to be the case and you can find out information that way, largely incorrect I might add!

The EU lawmakers seem to think that they are the guardians of the Internet and want to protect their citizens from "Big Brother". In the case of Microsoft and their inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows was a case in point. It was not as if there are not alternative browsers, they didn't have to insist that a special version of Windows be produced for the European market without I.E. being the default browser. As far as I know this ruling has been about as effective as the "Right to be Forgotten", and there are no differences in the versions of Windows that I have purchased recently in Europe. Perhaps the EU determined that the UK had already left the union?

It is my contention that Google's approach to this is more of a competition with the likes of Amazon. This is all part of doing business in the Internet age. I do have a problem with the fact that rulings like this have an effect on the share price. I personally see a fall of thousands of $US in my holdings of Alphabet stock. I also own Amazon, so that probably balances it out.

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