Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I need to post more photos

Problem is that I take them on the Surface and I have forgotten my Google password. I could reset it but I am too lazy to get my partners mobile phone so that I can receive a text with the code that I will need to reset it. In any case my Lenovo is permanently logged in and I don't want to change the login just for that.

I have a lot more of the house and garden to post. I even have one of the centrifugal clutch, showing where the spring is fitted and so that I can see where it is when I finally get the part and I have to take it apart again. I guess I could still use the trimmer with the clutch permanently engaged if I am careful with it. Still, the best bet with nettles is to pull them by the root.

The "back forty" is looking much better now that I have got the Blackthorn under control. I have had a few bonfires now and the one last week was alight from Monday until Saturday. The pheasants are having a field-day with all the ash in the old fire. I have a new one on the other side past where the thicket was. Some old raggedy cedars have been taken down and I can now see the fields beyond the lower drain much better. There was much activity yesterday taking the hay bails away to be stored. I also thing that the farmer was also checking to see where all the chainsaw noise and smoke was coming from.

I really need to get back to dredging the pond and the Bergamot is growing back around the western bank. The ducklings seem to have moved on as I have not seen them for a couple of days. I can also continue with clearing the stream and the lower pond as that was popular with Mrs. Duck and her 3 youngsters. 

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