Thursday, August 9, 2012

AO722 dies again!

I really don't seem to be having much luck with my Acer AO722, it has broken again!

This time the display "fritzed out", it started off with a flashing display (accompanied by a whistling in the audio - first detected by Skype), then the computer would not switch off completely (there was a glow from the display even though it had been switched off - this went away if the battery was removed) and now I get no display at all apart from a very faint display some of the time after the computer boots.

I know that the computer boots as it starts up and connects to the WiFi (the light comes on) and I can shut it down by using the keyboard in a blind fashion. i.e. Ctr-Alt-Del then Tab Tab Tab and Enter - the control menu is invoked and then I tab to the shut-down button (I found this out on my AO522).

I guess the Acer is going back for repair as it is still well within warranty. I can't say that I am that impressed with its reliability. It may have known that I was playing with a Mac Book Air earlier in the day. I must admit that if this is the reliability that I can expect from it I may be better off with the Apple. Funny that I don't seem to have as many problems with my AO522 computers.


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