Tuesday, August 14, 2012

rtl60.bpl was not found

This was an old posting that I had on my website www.tempusfugit.ca.

The error "rtl60.bpl was not found", was seen when a program that was written using a Borland programming language was transferred to a new computer.

The error was seen due to a number of factors and was seen to be still occurring even if the file rtl60.bpl was located off the old computer that the program originally ran successfully. This was surmised to the such that there was also a difference in the way that dll's are linking in different versions of Windows. The location of Linked Libraries in different directory locations was see as a culprit. Paths to these libraries were hard coded into the executable files such that the linked file was still not found even if it was present on the new machine. It was just in the wrong place and would not be found unless the executable were to be re-complied. 

The error was not specific to any one program and could occur for many. The example that I found reported on the Internet was for a program written for a model train controller program.

More information on this can be found on my website - www.tempusfugit.ca

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Basildon said...

So what do I do if I cannot get my program to work on my new computer?