Friday, August 3, 2012

What VPN service should you use for P2P

Following a a visit from Pleasanton, California searching for "p2p vpn" I am making this post.

When it comes to the choice of a VPN service to use for downloading from a file sharing (P2P) source you are far better off choosing one that is not advertised on one of the major torrent locator sites such as Isohunt or The Pirate Bay. Companies that advertise there are more likely to have their servers blocked by AP2P Organizations and are likely to be too slow.

Update 28 Aug 2012:

Looking at at the Hide-My-Ass website I cannot see any reference to using their services for P2P or downloading from File Sharing services using BitTorrent.

Hide-My-Ass are a popularly advertised service that can be used to provide anonymity while you are using the Internet. As such they fit the criteria for their rejection for use for this purpose. However, I cannot believe that there are not users of the service that are not using HMA  for downloading copyright material. I would add the caution that seeing as they make no mention of this being a prohibited activity on their website and Terms of Service, it may be something that you only find out after you sign-up. This is the case with BTGuard.



San Antonio said...

Can you let your readers know what VPN service you recommend and use?

I have been seeing that BTGuard is running really slow and I want to find a good alternative. I have heard that TorrentPrivacy is just as bad.

bestbvs said...

I always use hidemyass because one of the great and king of all VPN Providers

The Technology Muse said...


I would suggest that you read my post on nofollow. You commenting on this post and posting a hyperlink is a waste of your time:

I always use hidemyass because one of the great and king of all a href="" rel="nofollow">VPN Providers

The attribute is added by Google Blogger automatically and you are not going to get any ranking advantage by getting a link to to your website. In fact I doubt if you will get visits from those that click on your link in the comment above. If you do they can see that you do not understand blog-spam and possibly your advice is also suspect.