Tuesday, March 27, 2012


get_iplayer.exe is a separate downloading program (from the BBC iPlayer download facility) and can be used to download  BBC TV and Radio, DRM free and not time limited.

Since Po-Ru`s ipdl.exe broke late in 2010 I have been using a variation of Phil Lewis's get_iplayer.exe for BBC TV and radio (a fork by David Woodhouse, infradead.org) .

It was thought that ipdl broke due to  the changes that the BBC instituted to make iPlayer compatible with Apple's iOS4, a full account can be found on Po-Ru`s blog.

I have found a few "work-arounds" as even get_iplayer has been broken over this time period. The version that I have working uses a different version of the FLVstreamer module.

The get_iplayer package is an extremely complex and competent suite of Perl scripting using the RTMP library.

Other pages relating to get_iplayer and the RTMP library:

I use get_iplayer to build my archive of BBC programming. get_iplayer is a very competent Perl script that has many options. get_iplayer can be used as a command line program and there is a GUI PVR version of get_iplayer, that runs get_iplayer in a scheduled mode.

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London said...

When I try and download the "get_iplayer for Windows" (get_iplayer_setup_latest.exe) from the infradead website I.E. flags it a potentially dangerous piece of software.

As I have downloaded this package many times I am confident that it is safe. I can't help wonder if there is not a reason for the software to be flagged in this way. For the uninformed user that has been given a tip that get_iplayer may work well for them to be able to download BBC TV programming without the time-limiting DRM will quite naturally think twice when they are presented with the warnings that the Microsoft browser displays when you attempt to download the installer.

You have to tell your browser (I.E. 9 in my case) to "Download Anyway".

I am pretty sure that there is nothing malicious in the infradead.org download and it does not matter as the computer that I installed it on is pretty much a dedicated machine for the download and consumption of streaming media from the BBC and the other commercial TV available from the UK(4OD, ITV and Channel 5)

This comment is being made in case there are others that have tried to make the download and have been put off after they have been presented with these warnings.

Someone in UK said...

can we use get_iplayer to download program from channel 5?

No - get_iplayer.exe works only with BBC streaming feeds.