Friday, May 25, 2012

The distinction between a Media Sever and a Media Centre

The reason for this distiction is that many have expressed the intention of using the Raspberry Pi computer for use as a Mini Media Center. This has gained me some interest in my project of using a RPi as a Media Server.

My requirements are specific in that I have established a need and a deficiency in the market for a device that I think fulfills this function effectively. I am not looking for a cheap solution because I cannot afford the solutions that are available. It is my belief that there are no working alternatives.

Due to the problems and deficiencies found in Windows HomeGroup sharing and Windows Home Server solutions a small dedicated NAS solution is to be developed using the RPi and Samba shares. The things to develop here are not the configuration of the the Pi computer, the installation of Fedora (or Debian) and the set-up of Samba shares, that has all been done before. It is the administration of large amounts of digital media on the storage device, the transfer of these files on and off the shared drives. I have also established that the use of a NAS device does in fact provide what appears to be a viable solution but the problem that I face at the present time is that the hardware that I have managed to get to do this is unmanageable from the administrative standpoint.

The difference between a Media Center and a Media Server

A Media Centre is another name for a HTPC (Home Theater PC), it is a self contained piece of hardware for the reproduction of digital  media. It can consist of a computer with processor and drives to store the media, a display and a means to control it all.

A Media Server is just a network storage device that is used for just that: storing and serving digital media to devices on that network.
This may include any number of Media Centers. A Media Server does not require to be able to provide a high definition video output. Its primary function is as a file server.

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John said...

I have found that the Windows Homegroup shares are not always consistent and I often have to run the Homegroup Troubleshooter.

Is anyone else having to do this?