Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ITV 56 Up Torrent

Hopefully this is for those that were looking for real comments - not obscenity.

As I am pretty much the same age as those that are participating in the series I find it particularly poignant in that I can see the world in which I grew up. I do find that due to its format that successive shows get more and more diluted as there is less and less time to spend between the things that are new in the lives of those involved and the re-cap of what went on in earlier episodes. I do have a copy of the earlier shows on DVD and that is better to gain a better understanding of some of the events.

I do see the point that was raised by a number of the participants, especially those that had decided not to appear in some episodes, that the format does not really allow them to be portrayed in a manner that really shows what they are like as people, what they think and what they really have been up-to.

Things that are of great interest to me are the stories of those that had left the UK, and its class system, to make lives in the US and Australia (both places that I have lived). The fact that we currently live, and once worked, in Canada - we are now thinking of returning to the UK in retirement. We have mixed feelings about this as although we miss the "heritage" of the "old country", we do realise that we, like some of the participants, have escaped the barriers that our position in British society would have placed us in. It would be interesting to see that if we had stayed and not emigrated to Canada whether we would be able to afford the lifestyle that we are contemplating returning to the UK to enjoy. On the other hand it would be far better to stay here as we would be far better off in comparison to what out purchasing power would be in the UK.

It is interesting to see the interest in this post. Many visits from Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and other places in Queensland and Western Australia - we lived for two years in New South Wales) and Canada (we have been here for more years than I care to mention)

I have watched episode 3 of the latest series, 56 Up but I cannot download it. I can download BBC programs using get_iplayer and  am working on a way of capturing ITV, 4OD and Channel 5 programs. If I had a workable video capture program I could record anything that I can play and access from the UK using a VPN.

If someone can recommend a good video capture I would gladly see to it that you have copies of ALL the "Up" series. However, this program HAS to work to my satisfaction and I am not interested in just getting links to something that you think MIGHT work. Preferably it is something that you use - those uploading torrents must use software of this type.

Having just downloaded the 2nd part of the 3 part Micheal Apted "Up" series I am at a lost to understand the comments made by the up-loader.

I guess I could make a comment on the tracker site that I used to locate the torrent but I feel that the comments that are normally posted there are puerile in nature at the best of times. The up-loader's notes were particularly of that nature and as such I really do not want to associate with the person who uploaded the program. It is they that are most likely to read the comments. This comment is made on the off-chance that another P2Per is curious about the comments and makes a search to see if anyone else had a similar view.

The up-loader's comments seem to be inconsistent with the target audience of the "Up" programs and I really wonder if the person that uploaded them really understood the whole premise of the series. My impression was that the up-loader was not of the generation of ANY of the ages that the series were filmed - certainly not, as I, of the generation of the original 7. The comments seemed to be a personal attack in the crudest form, sexual innuendo and  course language, completely un-related to the Apted program.

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