Monday, May 14, 2012

Windows 8 Schadenfreude

I must admit I have feelings of schadenfreude for Microsoft with regards to Windows 8.

I have a hunch that Windows 8 could be another Vista in any case I thin that MS are too late to the table when it comes the "touch interface" technology. The adoption of MS powered tablets has yet to prove itself and I don't think that just because there is a user base that are using Windows currently on their PCs is going to be a compelling enough reason for IT departments to push for MS tablets.

The IT industry and the users that they support have already accepted the iPhone and iPad. As far as a "corporate" smartphone solution the only thing I think MS could do is to buy-out the Blackberry technology. The Windows phone has yet to be anything but a bit of a wet squib so far. Even Android devices have gained more acceptance that WP.

The distrust of things Google are likely to barriers to entry for Android along with the fragmentation associated with the multiple vendors of hardware. This is why Apple may just win out as the "corporate" solution.

It is not that I "hate" Windows 8. In fact I have not even seen the need to test-drive it. I do think that the Metro interface looks a little "amateurish" but that is largely just an opinion. The Metro interface may work very well on a touch input device. I just think that Microsoft have missed the boat.

In the past I have jumped on the bandwagon that was ABM (Anything But Microsoft), I have tried various versions of Linux and I have even tried some Apple PC devices. All this has done is to reinforce my agnosticism with respect to operation systems. I use Windows 7 out of convenience but I could just as easily use Ubuntu or OSX - I really don't care.

As far as the arrogance that Microsoft, and those that have been their proponents, have shown in the past, I feel that time has come for the situation to be redressed.

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