Sunday, May 27, 2012

This website/blog was never about you

To even think it was is an example of supreme arrogance on your part.

I started out all my web ventures just reporting and commenting on things that interested me and happened to cross my path. The fact the the OneWorld Empire came into my radar is purely due to the recovery product that I saw offered in Canada Computers.

I commented on that service.

The reaction to that comment lead me to post other things about Wayne McAlpine, Joshua Sham and OneWorld. If it had not been for these reactions all would have probably been forgotten.

I have no interest in "flaming", making false statements (Libel and Slander) about OneWorld and/or its associates or otherwise doing anything other than reporting the facts as I see them.

My interest in you centers on the fact that I am of the opinion that people such as yourself need to be exposed and not allowed to "ride roughshod" over those that are less able to defend themselves.

I may have published your home address but I have subsequently found that it is in the pubic domain as it can be accessed on the Nevada Annual Reports website for the, now defunct, OneWorld company.

I have previously published a photograph of you. This again is not owned by you and you do not own the copyright (you did not take it - unless you had really long arms). You could have had it taken for you but I doubt that such a photograph would be of that ilk.
I published that photograph with a caption of "bully", which you are as evidenced by your actions.

You have undertaken multiple attacks on me and you have cause the temporary suspension of my website - it will be back.

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