Sunday, March 26, 2017

People who are no longer around

in that they are either dead or not prepared to get involved.

Wayne McAlpine is not proud, he will use anyone to try and make a point. The publishing of an email that I sent to a Winnipeg Free Press, the late Lindor Reynolds, and then suggesting that I threatened her that if she didn't expose my findings about Wayne McAlpine that I would "target" her and attempt to make out that she was corrupt.

I did not do any such thing! I did write an email to her, but she decided to "ignore" me. I think that this was due to the communication that she had with Anthony Mannella, of CAIRSS, who she was quoting in her article about automotive immobilisers being fitted in Manitoba. My only problem was with fact that Wayne McAlpine was mentioned in the article. Earlier I was contacted by Anthony Mannella telling me that I was in violation of copyright usage of their logo. I don't think that I was, but I temporarily removed the logo from my website. At that time Anthony denied that he even knew Wayne McAlpine. This was an out-and-out lie!

Anthony Mannella, although still listed as being with CAIRSS, seems to be unresponsive to any communications in 2017. The last updates on the CAIRSS website and Anthonies LinkedIn profile was from 2013. I am not sure if they are still in operation. Whatever the situation is, I am presuming that Anthony Mannella wants nothing to do with Wayne McAlpine - I can understand this.

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