Friday, March 31, 2017

Actually, I quite like this blog now

There was a time when it was just a secondary outlet to supplement my website. But, since my website has taken a different direction, this blog remains a great place to put some of my current thoughts down. While the fact that it is not going to be found by many except the determined (Wayne McAlpine being one of them), it is free and it is not going to go away unless I delete it or it is removed by Google Blogger.

For Google to remove it I guess I would have to post information that is deemed to be illegal or such that it unnecessarily defames an individual. This has been  tried  before and it didn't work. My understanding is that Google are mindful of the ability for its users to post their feelings and maintain a platform of Free Speech. I think that if an individual has made allegations against you, a blog is a perfect way to reply to those charges. The caveat here is that I have to stick to the facts, or at least as I see them, and not post things that are not true. Sadly, I cannot say the same about Wayne McAlpine, who continues with his madness and attacks against me using all that he can think of using the Internet and information that he finds there. There is not a lot he can find elsewhere, as it does not exist.

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