Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A retraction and an apology.

Wayne McAlpine said "do a retraction and an apology and we can move on".

Well, to do either I would have had to have done something wrong, but all of the things that I have posted about you are true. To suggest that I fabricated things about you is a nonsense. The fact is, you just don't like what I said about you and your methods.

This all started out when I made a comment that your data recovery service was a little to good to be true. When I declined to take with you about it YOU started to invent things about me. This included the creation of a website in the name of a company that you thought I worked for and proceeded to post articles that could be construed as those meant to discredit that company.

My interest in you continued as it was clear that you were still interested in what I was posting about you. This was determined by your frequent visits to my website and blog, all evidenced by entries in my Google Analytics and website access logs.

My research into your activities continued even though I was aware that your data recovery business was a failure and no longer active. This was by your own admission.

I then became aware of your involvement in the Canadian automotive industry. You were posing as an expert and consultant. Given my previous encounters with you I pursued this to find out more information. As you were aware of this, you continued in your pursuit of me. Your visits to my website and blog continued.

To find out more about your activity with CAIRSS,  I contacted them, the MPI and the Winipeg Free Press.
I found out about your involvement with CAIRSS from a Google Alert triggered by an article in the Winnipeg Free Press by Lindor Reynolds and the LinkedIn profiles of those that you were associated when you were running Oneworld. This also confirmed a continued connection with Joshua Sham plus other names such as Anthony Mannella.

All in all there seemed to be a rather incestuous web of people involved in all this. Many names were found in relation to VATSIS, CAIRSS and the Canadian automotive industry in general. Names such as Terry Bradshaw, David Nagorski and Brian Sampson.

And then, in 2016, Morris Brown and TheRamMan came along. I think that it was this that tipped the balance as Morris Brown had found what I had posted about Wayne McAlpine and was quoting it in his condemnation of Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham.

Now all Wayne McAlpine seems to think he can attack me with is that he accuses me of being a "Sexual Predator". It only took him almost 6 years to create this nonsense. The charge being based on the lie that I actually used his data recovery service. The very service that I was criticizing in the first place.

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