Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A visit from Osoyoos, British Columbia

This was on the 12th March.

It was strange that the visit was to my post on Dubious Business. The post that Wayne McAlpine complained to Google about!

Looking on the Chilling Effects Clearing House website (a service that keeps a record of complaints such as DMCA violations) it showed that Google had looked at the post and determined that there as nothing wrong with what I had said.

Osoyoos is not too far from Kelowna, too much of a coincidence if you ask me. Joshua Sham tells me that Terry Bradshaw is a "reasonable guy", the question is regarding the company that he kept in 2011/2012. If he wants to discuss this further I encourage him to do so.

Joshua also says the same about Anthony Mannella. I would email him but the email on his LinkedIn profile wants me to register on LinkedIn for "full access". I am not going to do that as I despise LinkedIn almost as much as I do Wayne McAlpine.

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