Sunday, March 19, 2017

Exporting and uploading to a new blog

It seems that I may want to do this.

I want to maintain the content of this blog so that it can be found by those making searches for posts that I had made in the past. However, the blog name (i.e. its URL) has passed its sell-by date. I know that there are visitors that have set bookmarks and look at specific pages directly using those bookmarks. If I move my content to another URL and delete this one those visitors won't be able to find what I have posted about them. They may even conclude that they have "won" their battle in intimidating me to remove my posts on them.

I think that it is important that those that search for the misdeeds of those that I have featured should be able to find my content.

While I realise that this may well be a "cat and mouse" exercise in that the person in question will just create another set of websites in combinations of my name and the new blog name, but it will be a victory for me as it will waste more of their time.

As I have said many times in the past this blog and my website are nothing about me. They are comments on what I have found on the Internet. My name is irrelevant to those comments as I am not expecting any glory for making the comments, just that I feel that some things need to be said. It has also been stated that all of my postings are to remove any attention away from myself, this is also not the case! I have not made any of this up and have not lied about anything - unlike the person who has been threatening me for the last few years that unless I remove what I have posted about him, he will.......

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