Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Facebook wants to know

Andy received the following:

"Do you know Mark Shalagan, Terry Bradshaw and Mark Shalagan?"

I am not sure why there are two  Mark Shalagan "friend" requests, it is probably that this is an automatic "trawl" of people who may have viewed Andy's Facebook page.

PirateJackHotRod will probably get a friend request from Andy Nagy - Oh! I do love Facebook's cavalier attitude to privacy......

Mark Shalagan said to me in a communication about OneWorld and Core Data Recovery:
"We have no idea how that happened other than to think WM used us/our company to validate some of his twisted dealings".

The "that happened" was the association between the name OneWorld and Core Data. I think Mark was correct in his statement.

Of course, that was the conclusion that I came to. Wayne McAlpine would probably add this to the list of things that I made-up about him!

Mark also wanted me to call him so that he could see that I was actually calling from the UK as he said that he was concerned that I may have been Wayne McAlpine in disguise. He said that I should set some time aside when I called as he had quite the story to tell on his dealings with Mr. McAlpine. I have yet to call Mark as I was not sure that he wasn't what he was wondering about me, i.e. Wayne McAlpine in disguise.

Terry Bradshaw may have been interested in Andy as he may have seen that Andy had viewed his Facebook page. In addition he also seemed to show some interest in my pages on my website relating to RadMedia Corp, VATSIS and other ventures with Wayne McAlpine.

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