Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ticket Bots

Once again this topic is back in the news.

Ticket touts face unlimited fines for using 'bots' to buy in bulk - Guardian/Observer 10 March 2017

I reviewed  on my website some time back and got a bit of email from the software vendors telling me that I had written a "false review" about their software. Their complaint was that I was claiming that they were marketing it through less that straight-forward methods, not that the software did not work! However, that aside it seems that the use of such software has been noticed by others and something is now being done about it.

At the time of my original investigations I was not supporting the use of such software. Quite the contrary, I was wondering why there was not more of an outcry about its use. Quite frankly I think that it makes a nonsense out of ordering tickets for events on-line and I would be very wary in doing so myself.

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