Monday, July 30, 2012

12 years of Digital Photography

Having been taking photos using digital technologies since 2000 I have decided to consolidate my photos that have spread out over multiple drives and computers. This reminds me why I was so pissed off with Joshua Sham and my subsequent dealings with Wayne McAlpine and OneWorld.

It was the back and recovery of digital photos that set me off on my series of posts relating to the OneWorldDataRecovery service that I saw on the Canada Computers website. I was probably in the process of purchasing an additional drive to backup my photos when I came across it and thought that it was too good to be true. I made a blog post to that effect and I received a comment from Joshua Sham, shown below:

Joshua has left a new comment on your post "One World Data Recovery Protection Plan":

You obviously didn't read the website properly. First off, I wanted my DATA back, and I paid $$$ to get my DATA. I didn't care about getting my hard disk back because I wanted my pictures from my vacation to New York.
The $14.99 does cover the cost of the actual data recovery. There are no other charges other than those listed in the FAQ. Get your facts straight! Total Bill $220.34 because everybody pays tax. I think you should probably know that data recovery from CBL or seagate start at $400 and climb easily to $2000 and more. Good luck with your blank drive through the manufacturers warranty. A whole lot of good that will do you when you want back your DATA.

The comment was followed by a series of other communications from Joshua Sham and Wayne McAlpine and it became clear that the original comment was not only a Shill comment (Joshua was an employee of Wayne McAlpine) but it was also "blog Spam" (i.e. it was only made in an attempt to show the OneWorld service in a good light).

I took exception to the statement that I didn't read the website (OneWorld's) correctly and I was subsequently proved right, the service WAS to good to be true.

The fact that Joshua was claiming that he got his data back from his New York trip struck a note with me. I am not sure of his math and the total bill of $220.34 for his data recovery, that sounded like an awful amount of tax! but, that was not the main issue I was commenting on.



recuperar arquivos said...

Data recovery is hard to do especially if you do not have a great background about the computers. But there are programs out there that could help.

The Technology Muse said...

recuperar, I understand why you made a comment on this post (search this blog for "Blog Spam").

I would also suggest that you search for "nofollow" as Bloggger is almost certainly placing this attribute when a web address is added in a blog comment.
This will result in the fact that you will not get any advantage by having a link to a website that you are promoting as the search engine will ignore it.

My problem lay not with data recovery per say, I have working solutions that work well for me. I was making a comment on the practices of a company that I came across in the past offering such services.
I can understand why you may think that someone who is looking for such services might find my post and then visit the website that you have in your comment link/name, but as I say it will do you no good and as such I have left it as you had posted it.
I don't see why a visitor from Quezon City, Manilla would leave a link to a Data Recovery site in Brazil????

If you are interested in why I made this post, and I would suspect that you are not, I suggest that you follow the links on the post.

Andy Nagy said...

Yes, still in November 2017 this debate continues.

Wayne McAlpine cannot get over the fact that he and Joshua Sham were frauds at the time. The former still is as far as I can see.