Thursday, July 19, 2012

The location of resources discussed on this blog

Since a lot of searches seem to find this blog made by those looking to download files and utilities I thought that I would clarify what is and what is not to be found on this blog and my website

I have in the past made certain resources available for download by visitors to - As I am not a download service this was only on a "demand" basis and would have been through a User ID and password via a link to my intranet server.

Not all of the resources that I have at my disposal were made available and certainly not files that are readily available from legitimate sources. In some cases I only allowed download when the visitor had ensured me that they had followed all proper procedures to obtain the resource through the proper channels.

If you require one of the resources that I discuss on this blog please send me a message and I may arrange for my intranet server to be forwarded to the Internet. At the present time, Summer 2012, my website is not active. It is my intention that it will be put back on line in the near future.