Saturday, July 7, 2012

iPad LTE real-world usage

This is a real-world estimate/actual measurement of wireless usage on an LTE iPad 3 (The New iPad)

The usage was maybe half a dozen web pages with a medium amount of graphical content. There was no streaming activity during this web access. Pages with You Tube content are likely to result in far greater usage.

In this case the iPad plan included 10M of usage for the minimum charge of $5. Here we see almost 5 times overage (49.35M) and takes the charges well into the $17 tier (from 10M to 250M). Luckily there was 5 days to go on this billing cycle and there was no fear in getting into the next tier (from 250M to 5G for a charge of $37).

One way of looking at this is that the 10 minutes of web usage cost $17 but it does allow a margin of doing the same for next 5 days. However, if you did the same this every day of the plan you would be well into the $37 tier. At 1.5G for 10 minutes a day you could possibly get 20-25 minutes a day and not run into the 2 cents per Megabyte above 5GBytes (for $37). The 50M example would have cost an extra $1 on the $37 tier - or around $6 per hour.

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