Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rapidshare are just in the business of trying to get your money

Rather than being a file-sharing service they are a premium download service that go out of their way to get you to sign-up before telling you how much it is going to cost.

You have bound to have come accross RapidShare in your quest for content to download from file-sharing sites on the Internet. My advice is to stay clear of Rapidshare as their business methods are so devious.

If the service was worth it they would not have to resort to such deceptive activities. Not only do you have to wait to make your download, your session will time-out if you leave your computer and come back to it later:

You will have to wait even longer if you have made a "free" download:

A RapidPro User will be favoured ---- do you really believe this after all the other nonsense that they    present you with on their website?

If you search the Internet to find out how much the service costs most of what you will find is conjecture. If they were serious about things they would say on their website and people wouldn't have to search! A German success story......" - indeed!

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Carlow said...

rapidshare going out business

The Technology Muse said...

This is the first that I have heard of RapidShare going out of business.

"Good Riddance of bad rubbish" if you ask me. Such a poor business plan needs to fail.

Potomic said...

rapidshare out business

Smoke and fire anyone?