Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Downloading from YouTube

Using the Python YouTube downloader script by Ricardo Garcia Gonzales.

Making a search for "youtube-dl" you will be able to find a place to download the script. You will also need to download a Python interpreter for your operating system. I use Python 2.7 for Windows quite successfully with the Gonzales script.

Since I was on the download page there seem to be a few more enhancements that have been made to the script and there are far more command line options than I remember the first time of using it. It is quite probable that I can do what I am describing here by using those options but this is what works for me. I basically copy and paste the YouTube URL into a DOS command line window and then rename the resulting download so that it no longer has a cryptic name based on the YouTube URL.

For example,  can see that there is a filename option for the output file (I presume) and there are other "playlist" and batch options. Similarly, there are other options for Video and Audio formats. I use VLC to play back the download so a conversion into a format other than the default .flv does not present a problem for me.


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