Thursday, July 5, 2012

The morality of torrenting (file sharing)

I really do have a problem with the morality of this. I know that it is wrong, but it is so easy. There is little chance of being detected if you use a service that obscures your identity. It would also seem that in certain jurisdictions that the penalties for doing this have either not been decided or they allow violators to have 3 instances where they are found out before any action is taken against them.

This is not the case world-wide and some countries and regions do prosecute illegal file downloaders. There are always stories in the press where a file-sharer has been "made an example of" and has been sued for large amounts of cash. These, of course, could be just "scare" tactics to convince those that are thinking of making these downloads that it is too risky.

It is strange that when I poll my colleagues that many take no measures to obscure their identity and just ignore any violation messages that they get from their ISPs. Others have not even received any such warnings - I am confused.

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