Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Performing a BIOS Mod - Unlocking your BIOS

Most computer enthusiasts have heard of the phrase "to flash your ROM", but many don't really know what this means. This page is not meant to be a comprehensive "how-to", either from the perspective of the actual  "flash" or from the exact details on what to change in a specific BIOS product to achieve the desired effect.

"Flashing your BIOS" is not necessarily the same as modifying your BIOS to enable functions that were not available before. Many computer and motherboard manufacturers supply a BIOS Flashing program so that you can update your computer.

In most cases the cutomization of a computers ROM BIOS is too difficult for the novice computer user. However, flash updates are often made availble.
I have seen no reason to modify the BIOS on any of the computers that I own that have the Insyde H2O BIOS.

Why would you want to Modify and Flash your System BIOS?

There are multiple reasons, some of which are fixes to problems that affect your computer in operating in the way that it should. Others are to extend the capabilities of your computer  beyond that for which the manufacturer intended.

Un-hide Items or Options
These include:

  • Enable or disable virtualisation (if your processor has that capability)
  • Allow the correct handling of SATA hard drives or other hardware within your computer.
  • Reveal settings for voltages and multipliers for overclocking CPU and Memory
Programs to use to create a Custom BIOS
All tools stored on my intranet
  • AMIBCP8 for Windows
  • MMTool(AMI BIOS)
  • cbrom1.82 (and other versions) Phoenix
  • Insydeh2o Utilities
  • EzH20 (official Insyde tool) that has been leaked. - 06-25-2009 DannyRes (poster on a well known notebook site) - may also be known as EZH2O



Surabaya said...

modded bios for ao725

Actually landed on my page discussing AMD-V and the AMD NEO MV-40.

Frankly, I cannot see why you would want to modify the BIOS on an Acer Aspire One as it seems to be a waste of time making changes to such a low-end notebook/Netbook

Seoul said...

Looking for AMIBCP8