Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SLIC (Software Licensing Description Table)

A comparison and motivation for SLIC BIOS modifications both both the unlocking of BIOS features and the Activation of Licensed Software). What is more effective for Windows 7 activation, a "raw" BIOS mod and a BIOS Flash or a software loader (script)?

The activation of licensed software is certainly easier using a "loader" script. The use of the word "loader" is a little misleading as the thing that gets "loaded" is the OEM Certificate into the SLIC table that forms part of the system BIOS. The entries in this table (ACPI_SLIC) are read by the operating system (Windows 7 and Vista) and the copy then appear "genuine" if the appropriate certificate and serial number is found.

The modification of menu items and other functions of the System BIOS can be made by editing the contents of the BIOS ROM and then the BIOS chip is "flashed" with this new BIOS configuration. To make changes to the binary image that is stored on the BIOS Memory chip requires a detailed knowledge of the functions of the computer w.r.t. BIOS and how the computer boots, recognizes system components and how they interact together. If you do not know what you are doing you can render your computer so that it will not boot.

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