Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It is nice to see that life goes on. Even though the violence is stepping up in Syria there are still those looking for ways to configure a Hackintosh.

Visits to my pages relating to the unlocking of Insyde H2O BIOS and other pages that cover the configuration of a Windows computer with OSX were seen today from Damascus.

The previous visit from Damascus, most likely from another visitor, was possibly more relevant to the situation in Syria and could be from someone concerned about or working for the Assad regime.

There was another visit, from Rabat - Morocco, that was made to my post on the use of Tor and TorButton - The search here was from someone looking to download the version of Firefox that is used with the current version on the Tor bundle:
Firefox ESP version 10.0.5 - the search was in French (not Arabic), as telecharger was used in the search string.


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