Friday, November 25, 2016


Wayne McAlpine, this is what you said (below in  green italics - see what it says in my profile) about my complaining, and the more that I do - the easier it gets:

I know (name redacted) it’s always somebody else’s fault why it wouldn’t work

“if they just would have”

“I had no control over what they did”

“if they would have just listen to me we might have”

I know I know I know it’s okay

As far as I know I have never claimed that it "was somebody else's fault" - if so whom?

If they just would have? - Have what? what carry out your life in an honourable manner? and who are you referring to here?

"I had no control" - does anyone? over what and about what?

"if they listened to me" - I have told nobody what they should do, that is their choice. I have been largely observational in all my postings, largely to educate myself of what I had found.

You wrote the crap in green above!

You can't carry out your life by merely threatening those that oppose you. The fact that only two people that I know of have "had the balls" to stand up to you surprises me too. As you well know if you do some Internet research on someone or the company they keep you will come up with other names. I have only posted what I could document (in the form of a screenshot).

Your LinkedIn profiles over the years showed a clear association  with people such as Anthony Mannella, who deigned even knowing you when  he contacted me.

The OneWorld Safedisk fiasco, which I suggested might have morphed into CoreData. A reasonable assumption as they operating out of the same The Innovation Place. On further checking there appeared to be a connection between Brian Samson (or whoever) and yourself.

Are you saying that I made all the names on the CAIRSS list of those involved? Looking back quickly I can't even find my screenshots on my webpages - they are there if you want them reposted.

From something that started off by a purchase at Canada Computers you certainly have turned the spotlight on yourself. As far as the automotive  industry in Canada, it just doesn't interest me, although you seem to think that it does.

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