Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I am really confused why Wayne McAlpine is so upset with me

There doesn't seem to be any logic in his rantings.

Yes, I originally questioned the business plan of OneWorldSafeDisk, but it was ONLY AFTER he made his first contact with me that prompted me to do some research on who he was and what his background was.

It was at this time that I posted my findings on him, which I do with all my research, this included his business addresses (he was running this from his home address and The Innovation Place). Apparently this was not to his liking and he DEMANDED that I remove the "lies" I had posted about him. While I was a little surprised at his venom, I did remove some of the information for a very short period of time. However, it was at this time that Wayne McAlpine stepped up the effort in getting me to remove what I had posted. He then embarked on two series of intimidation to get me to remove the information.

During this time, of the initial two intimidation episodes, I continued to research Wayne McAlpine and his business connections. Again, I posted my findings. All of the things that I found I documented and I don't think that I made anything up. I found other names and associates that appeared to be connected with Wayne McAlpine's businesses.

Fast forward to November 2016 -  Wayne McAlpine was involved with another person who seemed to have adopted some of his business methods. This person had found my earlier postings and was quoting them. This then precipitated a third assault by Wayne McAlpine. more pugnacious than the first two.

The difference now is that my circumstances have changed and I no longer live in Canada. All the time intervening I have been posting on a wide range of subjects and Wayne McAlpine has continued to visit my pages that commented on his business ethics. Why has there been a "tipping point"? I have not added anything about him since 2012, only recording his visits. Apparently I am attacking not only him but a lot of other individuals that originally claimed that they didn't know him!

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