Sunday, November 27, 2016

Western Digital Warrantee Policy

I have been really impressed with Western Digital's (WD) Warrantee Policy for their HDDs.

When I was building desktop PCs, for media centres, I ran a pretty strict backup policy. My technique was to run two 8Tbyte arrays of 4 x 2T SATA drives. I then preformed an incremental backup/copy from the "live" drive to the "backup" array.

If there was a drive failure, an inevitability over time, the drive was replaced and sent off to WD for replacement. In addition, when the drives were approaching their end of warrantee they were replaced by new WD SATA drives. No data of consequence was stored on any of the computers that the drive arrays were used.

I describe the backup technique on my website, - At no time did I have the need to send a HDD into a service that claimed to recover data from "sick" drives. It was during the purchase of drives to facilitate my backup regime that I came across the nonsense of OneWorld Safe Disk. To suggest that I sent a drive to them is as ludicrous as Wayne McAlpine.

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