Sunday, November 27, 2016

Determining who you are from your IP address

Wayne McAlpine has no real idea on how the Internet works. His algorithms indeed!

Below are some of the statements that he has made in his attacks (his terminology) just because I refused to take don some information that I had found about him online. He claim that I have made up some of the information in an attempt to attack the "good character" of him and his associates. I guess that he should know about making things up as he seems to be a master!

On the subject of the article that he managed to get the CBC to publish in 2003

“Every computer on the internet has a unique IP address,” said McAlpine. “And with this address we can find out from different providers who’s paying for that service and hence locating exactly where that machine sits.”

This is a gross over simplification of how you would determine who was downloading what. But, what do I know as I am going to be found out (see below).

The use of "cloaking" software:

When a novice just trying to use the back door whether they’re using some free off-the-shelf IP surfing or surfing the internet looking for tools to make themselves invisible and trying to to mask their Mac address these things don’t work it is a false sense of security and this is how they get caught.

First of all, I am not a novice and I am certainly not using "some free off-the-shelf" software or technique. Even the NSA admit that they have a problem with TOR.

Secondly, the use of a pseudonym is not either illegal or in anyway underhand.

Thirdly, if you are reporting how to perform a terrorist act or participating in cyber crime then it is a different issue. All I was saying was that I thought his business model was flawed and the methods he uses to conduct his businesses are dubious -  I was not saying illegal, but rather underhand, unethical and manifesting itself as bullying.

On the subject of me using multiple identities:

..... these conversations in emails we’re not of the nature of Journalism nor was it for any other purpose than to hide his his identity to make false accusations a private individuals....

Journalism???? I have NEVER made the claim that this was anything to do with journalism. I am a private individual and fully entitled to make judgements on other private individuals. This could be something that Wayne McAlpine adopted as a theory from Joshua Sham, who unless he gets back to me and supports my cause to discredit Wayne McAlpine, all the posts will remain. He will just have to get this blog and my website shut down.

Lying, contriving, Skulduggery and the notion that I am mentally unstable:

.... was completely contrived by his own and not having one shred of Truth by creating information directed at skullduggery and attacking good character of individuals to hide his mental instability as a human being.

I realise that Wayne McAlpine cannot accept that I may have just reporting what I have found and not embellishing

I guess I could be mentally unstable - it takes one to know one.

and don't forget, this is just a hobby for me - I do not run a business and don't have a list of suppliers or customers that will think badly of me if they believe anything that comes from Wayne McAlpine.

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