Monday, November 28, 2016

This is all pretty trivial

From what started as a comment that I made on the over optimistic promise about a data recovery insurance scheme it seems that an awful of effort ha gone into getting information on it removed.

Contrary to what is being said this was the start of all this nonsense. It just so happens that it came to my attention and I made a blog posting on the subject. I just happened to purchase a HDD from Canada Computers and was offered an insurance plan from one of the sales staff. After having a conversation about the service, which at the time I thought was just a way of CC boosting their revenue on the sale of a heavily discounted product, I decided to make a post about it.

This is very similar to Future Shop's attempts to get customers to purchase an Extended Warrantee plan when you bought anything from them. I posted about that as well. I didn't receive the negativity from them, but perhaps they have better things to be getting on with. More likely they didn't even find it and read it.

This is just a game for me. Perhaps I have too much time on MY hands????? I am, after all - a "failed aerospace engineer" that cannot find work and am having problems making ends meet. My only pleasure is to make up stories about those that I have never met, honest decent people, so that I can try and bring them down to my level of misery.

Whatever the case it is not a good idea to cross me.

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